Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some projects I've been working on for my daughters. These were quick and fun.

This is a cute little onesie with heart applique.

Cotton top with cotton lace edging.

Tulle skirt in pale pink with flower embellishment.

Springtime top.


  1. Very cute! Are these the sorts of things you're looking at selling? Btw I love that pic of you and bub.

  2. Hi!
    Yes, I am thinking about it but just enjoying making them for the girls right now. Awww thank you, that photo was taken when our big girl was just a little girl :-D

  3. Wow..7 kids! You're definitely a super mum! And I love the little girly things, almost makes me want to have another baby just on case I have a girl!
    Keep blogging, it's a lot of fun!

  4. :-D Thanks Kyla. I love being a mum and also being busy. I always seem to be juggling so many balls all the time. Makes life interesting though.
    Thank you for your positive comment :-D