Thursday, December 30, 2010

Missing in action???

I have to apologise! So sorry, I've not blogged for such a long time and feel ashamed really.
But on the bright side, i've been a bit busy behind the sewing machine. I hope you like the photo's following. :)

Little soft sole shoes.... suede leather sole and fabric uppers.
There are plenty of good tutorials to follow to make these.

Vanilla and creme polka dot ruffle nappy covers. I love love love making these.
They're super cute on and my little girl (2.5yr old) loves her collection.

Ooh la la... Paris shift dress. This is super cool cotton and looks so pretty on.

A sweetheart is this little barefoot roses dress which has gone to a new home for a little girls 'Handmade Christmas'.

This super cute sun hat I made for my daughter, Isabella. Fondly known as the Bella hat, it's stunning on and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

Below: The pink tutu skirt.... this is one of my favourites. I love making these and my daughter loves receiving them even more.


  1. oh everything you make is gorgeous and 7 kids! hats off to you! my goodness 4 keeps me on my toes but nice to see you have spread them out....I haven't!

    happy new year! I am very nervous about sending my keira off to big school but also excited about becoming part of the school community too since all 4 will go there!


  2. Thank you Corrie :)

    The day our firstborn goes off to school is one of mixed emotions. Sad because it's such a big step in their lives which takes them away from our protective arms for 6 hours a day. And one of happiness also, a new chapter as they learn and grow. The stories they come home with and then there's the stories they go to school with lol.

    I promised myself I wouldn't cry when our eldest went off to school because he was ready 6 months before school started and was driving my crazy. The moment we walked into the classroom, the Principal, Sr Margaret (who was also my 4th grade teacher) put her hand on my eyes started misting ....the tears flowed. I suggest taking Kleenex lol.