Monday, July 19, 2010

Shoes shoes shoes.....

It's basically what I've been making most these days and they're really popular!!

I'd never ever thought of making this sort of item before but having stumbled across a pattern a few months back now, thought I'd 'give it a go' and now I've perfected the making of them and they're selling like hotcakes!

I only use quality 100% cotton fabric for the uppers, they're lined and have a soft suede leather sole. I love these little shoes and they're sooooo cute!

What do you think?

Red and White polka dots......

Need a matching nappy cover?

And with ruffles, no less!

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  1. Iv tired to make these gorgoes shoes but i failed!! Ill try again later. But they made me cranky hehe!!

  2. oh wow I love that you have 7!!!!!! my hubby is one of 7 and I love when the whole family gets together because its huuuuge, like my baby on the way will be grandchild number 19! I'm hoping to go for number 5 in a few years but my hubby needs a break - I think it was the twins!

    so glad to find your blog and thanks for coming to mine!

    love the ruffled bloomers. I made some last week and taught myself rolled hems on my overlocker and am so proud!


  3. Hi Corrie!

    Sorry, I've only just found your comment since I've returned to my blog. I have twins also... yes, twins are a handful especially when infants but the rewards are double.

    When most people find out we have 7 children, it's a gobsmacked horror! LOL. I love having a big family, it's lots of work but then what else would I do with my time?? LOL

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Natalie :)