Monday, January 3, 2011

Creative vibe....

I sew for the love of it.... I love to be creative and share my thoughts and ideas with others.  I especially love showing photo's of what I've made.  I love the feedback also sooooo,  I've decided to try out handstamped cotton ribbon.  

Made from 100% tea stained cotton and stamped with permanent ink, I've made a selection to send out to 'project testers'.  I have a couple of ladies willing to take on the samples and use as they see fit.  They will also report back with a small questionnaire I've put together. 

If anyone else is interested in obtaining FREE samples of ribbon, please let me know and I will organise to send some out to you.  I'd love to see photo's of your finished product using the sample if you wish to share.

I look forward to sharing the results and photo's of my latest project.

Nat :)

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  1. Well the end results are positive. Overall, the handstamped ribbon was favourable and was a product that our testers said they would use in vintage styled apparel and craft. *yay*