Wednesday, January 19, 2011

French Vintage inspired..... for Isabella.

This is my adorable little Sweetpea Princess, Isabella.
I made this little outfit for her today.... 
Pale blossom pink 7/8th pants with a ruffled hemline and a black top embellished with lace and ribbon and a strand of pearls for a touch of pizzaz!
I also made her headband but you can't really see the detail in it from this photo.

Had a great time making it... was a total thrill.  
Excuse my wilted hydrangeas (it's hot here) and the artwork on the wall behind, proudly supplied by Isabella.


  1. I've never conquered sewing pants before. One day I'll have to be brave and just try it!!

  2. You should Christy, they really are so easy. I did have to adjust this pattern as they were too big for her but it worked out well.

    Thanks for stopping by,
    Nat :)

  3. so love this outfit! I don't know how you find the time - so great to meet another aussie mum to seven cherubs and thanks for dropping by my blog. Naomi x

  4. Hi Naomi, thanks for stopping by. It's so nice to meet you and yes, to know there's another Aussie mum out there with 7 little cherubs is lovely!
    xxx Hope you're having a beautiful day ,